They are all "needles." What is the difference between "beauty needles" and acupuncture?

Chen Chaozong, chairman of the Chinese Aesthetic Medicine Association, said that beauty needles refer to the "facial beauty needles", which is actually the same as traditional acupuncture, but using finer needles to stimulate the face to produce collagen and elastic fibers, which can also increase Qi and blood circulate in the face, and the skin is activated, making it look younger, firmer and more delicate.

The physician of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Laser Center of the hospital further explained that beauty needles and acupuncture can stimulate acupoints, meridians, and promote blood circulation. By stimulating muscle texture, muscles can relax or tighten, and at the same time, they can create tiny wounds. The body's repair mechanism achieves the effect of stimulating collagen proliferation.

However, the beauty needle emphasizes beauty for the purpose, and it is much thinner than traditional acupuncture. Acupuncture needles are usually above 0.27mm, and beauty needles are less than 0.2mm, about 0.1~0.12mm, which is thinner than 0.15mm of a hair.

Although the effect of thick needles is better, thin needles will not feel sensation on the face, especially the face is more sensitive. It takes dozens of needles at a time, which is more acceptable to patients with poor pain tolerance. In addition, there are many slender muscles on the face, and the fine needles are easy to operate at various angles, and the location of stimulation is relatively more precise.
Skin sagging, fine lines, dullness..., many people think of seeking Western medical beauty for the first time. However, in recent years, more and more traditional Chinese medicine doctors also provide medical beauty treatments, and beauty needles are the main ones, although the effect is not good. Like western medicine, it has an immediate effect, but it emphasizes naturalness, has almost no side effects, and is more acceptable, and it is favored by many beauty lovers.
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