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7 Colors LED Facial Mask

7 Colors LED Facial Mask

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Product Description
Product name
7 Color LED Facial Mask
Model No.
Product size
White/ Gold/ Rose gold
1pc Pro Mask, 1pc Controller, 1pc USB Cable, 1pc Adjustable Strap, 1pc Manual
Color box
Net weight per set

Each light has a different effect, handling different skin problems. One mask, a variety of effects, practical and affordable.

Red light: Will stimulate the production of collagen. Collagen is an essential protein used to repair damaged tissue and to replace old tissue. Best for fine lines, and will also help to reduce large pores.
Blue light: Bacteria in acne contain Porphyrins; the blue light is able to kill Porphyrins due to the high affinity with this wave length. The blue light furthermore has calming action which is very effective for hypersensitivity.
Green light: The balance of the green light can balance color pigment, reduce fine lines, nutrient aging skin, speed up the healing process of the wound, and lighten the scare.
Yellow light: Specially treated 590nm wavelength, improve the exchange of oxygen in the cells, to the skin cells to replenish their energy, decompose pigment, promote lymphatic drainage, improve rough skin, wrinkles, treatment of skin redness, fever, moss, etc., enhance immunity.
Purple light: Is dual red and blue light, which combines two phototherapy effect. Particularly It has a good effect on repairing the acne and acne prints.
Clear blue light: Can gradual enhance cell energy, to have a good metabolism facilitating role.
Laser light (white): Penetrate the skin deep, accelerate active tissue metabolism, decomposition color Spots, improve the appearance of fine lines and sagging skin.
Product Feature
What does the acne light mask can do for you?

1. Kill bacteria that cause spots and pimples.
2. Great alternative to oral medications.
3. Improve dark complexion caused by bad metabolism or poor circulation.
4. Repair and nurse the damaged skin.
5. Minimize scarring.
6. Improve fragmentary pathological changes,such as freckle,sunburn,senile plaques.
7. Photon led mask is very effective for kinds of skin care treatments.

1. Easy to operate with full touch screen (3 programs included).
2. Maximum Power Control Program -15 minutes.
3. Smart design to place the handles on the case.
4. Non invasive treatment and totally safe.
5. Frequency adjustable on the screen to re-adjust the handle.
6. Elector stimulation treatment Included.



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