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ACMETEAE 50ML fat dissloving

ACMETEAE 50ML fat dissloving

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Fat-busting - AMC EcoSlimming Injection

Slimming and fat-reducing, a blessing for the overweight. Internationally certified, with three certifications, safe and effective fat-dissolving injections on the market, CFDA certified. Over 98% of the ingredients are derived from nature and have undergone clinical research.

Suitable for:

Suitable for those who want to reduce fat and shape specific areas, such as those with double chin, chubby face, obvious baby fat, and fat accumulation along the jawline.

  1. Targets fat cells, with a "small face" effect for clients with baby fat and excess facial fat (puffy face).
  2. Improves facial fat volume problems for clients who have undergone 7D polylifting, thermo sculpting, thermage, ultrasonic knives, and other photoelectric instruments.
  3. Reduces facial swelling caused by whole-face fat filling and hyaluronic acid filling.
  4. Safe and precise facial fat reduction for clients who cannot undergo surgical liposuction or fiber-optic fat dissolution and desire full-face fat reduction.
  5. Targets those with high contouring requirements or those who experience fat shifting after facial slimming.
  6. Targets whole-body fat cells, including rich and affluent areas, bat wings, and waist.

Method of operation:

Use a special 6mm painless needle, vertically puncture each point with a 1-2cm distance between points. Each point on the face receives a dosage of 0.2-0.3ml, while the body receives a dosage of 0.5-1ml per point.


Recommended three times per course, with a 10-15 day interval between treatments. No hot compress is necessary, just massage the area evenly.

Product contraindications:

Severe hypertension, heart disease, and major illnesses are prohibited.

Product advantages:

  1. Less prone to rebound, as it targets fat rather than water, creates a new balance net for the body to maintain a healthy balance, and is less prone to rebound after fat reduction.
  2. No surgery required, different from traditional treatments, it eliminates the pain of liposuction surgery and reduces the occurrence of postoperative complications.
  3. No dieting required, no painful dieting or exercise required, and a perfect shape can be easily achieved.
  4. No recovery period required, achieving the desired results in a short period without affecting work and life.
  5. Made from natural ingredients, extracted from harmless natural ingredients, with a high safety factor.


  1. Women should avoid undergoing treatment during menstruation or preparation for pregnancy.
  2. Avoid rubbing the treated area forcefully within 6 hours after the procedure to avoid infection.
  3. Avoid sauna, soaking in a bathtub, or vigorous exercise within one week after treatment, as well as spicy food, seafood, and alcohol.
  4. Do not get the treated area wet for 6-8 hours after treatment.



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