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Ascorbic Acid 500mg/ml

Ascorbic Acid 500mg/ml

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Ascorbic Acid High Concentration VC Whitening Drip is the only whitening injection that does not contain preservatives. This high-concentration VC whitening injection from Japan, which can turn your skin white with just one injection, is the latest technology in Japan. It is the first product that combines the research results of pharmaceutical companies from Japan and the United States, truly achieving whitening, detoxification, anti-cancer, and allergy resistance for the skin. High-concentration VC whitening and anti-cancer drips will be the new star of anti-aging beauty in 2017.

The President of the Japanese Drip Therapy Research Association, Yasuzawa of Kyorin University, pointed out in his book "Vitamin C Kills Cancer Cells" that intravenous vitamin C can directly reach the capillaries and produce hydrogen peroxide through chemical reactions, which can attack and destroy cancer cells. In addition, vitamin C can boost immunity and antioxidant capacity, as well as generate active collagen to surround cancer cells, inhibiting their proliferation and metastasis. A single bottle of high-concentration VC contains as much as 25g of VC, equivalent to the VC content of 1250 lemons, and can effectively prevent cellular acidification.

Working Principle of High Concentration VC: (1) "High-concentration vitamin C intravenous drip" has a very powerful antioxidant effect in biology.

  • It can adjust the composition of collagen proteins related to cell factors and inflammation.
  • Promote the generation of healthy collagen.

(2) Using high-concentration vitamin C intravenous injections (in pharmacology) produces an antioxidant called "hydroxyl free radical."

  • Because normal cells have sufficient hydrogen peroxide enzymes to neutralize hydrogen peroxide.
  • However, cancer cells lack sufficient hydrogen peroxide enzymes to neutralize hydrogen peroxide.
  • High-concentration vitamin C can induce apoptosis in cancer cells without affecting the normal functioning of cells.
  • The anticancer and whitening effects of high-concentration VC.

Beauty Benefits:

  • Whitening and reducing blemishes, promoting metabolic circulation.
  • Eliminating yellowish skin tones, brightening skin, and removing dullness.
  • Shrinking pores, preventing skin aging, activating dormant stem cells, promoting the regeneration of highly functional cell groups, and helping with cell antioxidant effects.
  • Fading acne scars and pigment deposits.

Bringing a Complete Improvement to the Body:

  •  Eliminating accumulated toxins in the body, especially for those who drink alcohol, stay up late, and smoke, promoting liver detoxification, reducing blood lipids, and protecting the brain.
  •  Anti-fatigue, rapid recovery of physical strength, especially effective for migraines.
  • Validated by developed countries such as the United States and Japan for cancer treatment and prevention.
  • Preventing body acidification, anti-inflammatory, enhancing immunity, and having significant therapeutic effects for allergic constitutions.

Vitamin B Complex: A mixture of powdered vitamins B1, B2, and B12 (activating cells, metabolizing fatty acids). Magnesium Sulfate: Promotes the metabolism of sugar, fat, and protein, accelerates detoxification, and has a synthetic and detoxifying function that protects the liver. High Concentration Vitamin C: Each bottle contains 25 mg of vitamin C in 50 ml.

Injection Method: Take 10 mL of saline solution and inject it into the powdered vitamin B complex bottle.

Step 1: Mix the solution with magnesium sulfate and high-concentration vitamin C, dilute it with 250 mL of saline solution, and administer the prepared medication to the body through intravenous infusion (the infusion takes approximately 90 minutes).

Recommended Dosage:

Twice a month, one set each time (recommended for continuous use for three months).

Who Should Not Use This Therapy, and Who Should Not Receive High Concentration VC Drips?

  • Those allergic to vitamin C.
  • Patients with kidney function impairment.
  • Patients with sepsis.
  • Those with heart failure.
  • Abdominal effusion.
  • Severe edema.
  • G6PD deficiency."



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