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"Fillmed" NCTF135HA 3ml

"Fillmed" NCTF135HA 3ml

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"Fillmed" NCTF125HA 3ml can be injected by Machine, by hand and roller.

Normally 5ml if injected by hand.


Injection at each point, the same as water light injection.

15 days - once a month, the general course of treatment is 5 times.

Needle insertion depth: 4mm;

The needle is inserted vertically 3mm;

Injection volume per point: 0.3ml;

Spacing per point: 50px;

Dosage per time: 2~3 vails

The first treatment: skin brightening, pores are reduced, fine lines around the eyes are reduced.

Second treatment: even skin tone, finer skin texture

The third treatment: increased skin hydration, firmer skin 

The fourth treatment: the overall skin condition is rejuvenated

Fifth treatment: Consolidate and stabilize the treatment effect




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