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Floderma Mesoacne 5ml for skin acne

Floderma Mesoacne 5ml for skin acne

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Active Ingredients:

Hyaluronic Acid(0.3%) :It is one of the  main components of the connective tissue responsible for skin hydration and elasticity.

Niacinamide(0.1%):Diminishes post-blemish marks and brightens skin.

Azelaic acid(0.5%):Anti-inflammatory , antibacterial and hypopigmenting action. with a remarkable anti-comedogenic action, it contrasts free radicals and inflammation.

Vitamin C(0.05%): Antioxidant and revitalizing , stimulates collagen synthesis to reduce wrinkles.


  • Removing the skin acne.
  • Removing the skin grease.
  • Improving the cell metabolism.
  • Revitalizing the skin radiance.
  • Face or body with acne.

Instructions For Use: Topical use or Injection with micro-needle roller.

Application: Combination with other anti-acne treatment.



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