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Glutax 180000GS

Glutax 180000GS

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Italy Glutax 1800000GS second generation whitening needle,  the second-generation formula has undergone a triple upgrade, breaking through the dual nucleic acid gene for whitening. Pimi has a built-in absorption aid, no translucent acid, and a strong whitening effect that does not return to black. Whitening and rejuvenating skin, frozen age, whitening needles can lay a good foundation for the skin, enhance the ability to resist the sun, whiten easily and not darken, and dilute deep sunburn. Breaking through the binucleic acid gene whitening method, improving the effect of genes that are not easy to turn black, 1.8 million Dalton glutathione,directly penetrate into the dermis, with high targeted transdermal absorption rate, and can achieve local whitening.It has TEU GMP International Certification.

Features of Glutax 1800000GS 
-Make the skin healthy, smooth, and fair
-Enhance energy
-Reduce pigmentation and freckles
-Make the skin fair and firm
-Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
-Reduce age-related plaques
-Improve the brightness and luster of the skin
-Improve uneven skin tone
-Promote skin firmness and elasticity

Glutax composition
4 fiale di 10ml
miRNA Multivitaminico 15000mg
miRNA Collagene Naturale 8000mg
miRNA Selenio 3300mg

4 fiale di 5ml
miRNA White Elements 2500mg
E-UF Vitamin C 18g
E-UF Collagen PN 18g

4 fiale di 2ml
miRNA Recombined Stem Cell 755mg
- Grape Stem Cell
- Apple Stem Cell
- Argan Fruit Stem Cell
- Rose Placenta Extract

4 flaconcini di
miRNA Oxygenox Q10 920mg

4 flaconcini di
miRNA Glutokines 1800000g
(Micro RNA GSH + Energy Active Cytokines)
miRNA Acido Alfa Lipoico 2300mg
miRNA Epidermal Growing Factor 5000mg
miRNA Acido Cogico 2400mg

Recommended dosage
Inject once a week for 2 months (depending on your body's metabolism) or to the desired result. Then the dose can be reduced to once every 2 weeks for maintenance.However, if you want to know information about dosage, you need a doctor's advice.

Glutax effect
1. Quickly decompose melanin from human skin, whiten skin
2. Improve facial spots and prevent melanin production
3. Repair damaged cells and delicate skin
4. Inhibiting cell oxidation
5. Promote metabolism

Whitening effects still vary with skin types and you lifestyle. Faster results are seen if you limit your alcohol intake, caffeine intake, smoking, and other forms of vices that might lessen the anti-oxidant effect of your glutathione and vitamin C. And of course, you still need to avoid too much exposure from sunlight. Drink 2 to 3L of water a day.

Whitening Results
Light Brown skin tone: 1 - 3 months
Medium- dark brown skin tone: 3 - 6 months
Darker skin tones: > 6 months



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