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Glutax 2000000GX - DualNA Premium Recombined Cell, abbreviated as "high-quality recombinant stem cells" achieving 100% absorption! It contains recombinant stem cells with "high-quality"! High quality raisin stem cells, high-quality apple stem cells, high-quality Moroccan nut oil fruit stem cells, high-quality rose placenta with higher levels of glutathione, DNA ultra white factor, DNA epidermal growing factor, etc.....

This skincare product was created from the Glutax 2000000GX DualNA Premium Recombined Cell 10 Sessions Glutathione Skin Whitening Injection Business that's existed for several years and is well known for its products which are created to appeal to the requirements of men and women who wishes to get youthful and healthy looking skin. The Glutax manufacturer is famous for its usage of secure and effective ingredients which are wholly natural. Since these components are produced from organic ingredients, they're extremely secure to use and consequently does not cause any side effects when employed. Among the most promising elements contained in the Glutax 2000000GX DualNA Premium Recombined Cell 10 Sessions Glutathione Skin Whitening Injection is that the mix of Vitamin C and vitamin A. Both of these powerful antioxidants are proven to be rather powerful in combating the dangerous free radicals which exist in our surroundings. When you employ both of these antioxidants into your skin, then it is possible to anticipate the skin to become shinier and healthier. Moreover, both of these antioxidants are proven to possess an anti-wrinkle impact in your skin since they can help fix skin cells which are damaged from the UV rays of sunlight.

Function of Glutax 2000000GX

* Quickly decompose melanin from human skin, whiten skin.
* Repair damaged cells and delicate skin.
* Inhibiting cell oxidation.
* Promote metabolism.
* Reduce dark spots and black spots on the skin.
* Increase the body's energy and enhance the immune system's immunity.
* Maintain heart health and improve heart quality.
* Maintain skin firmness and elasticity.
* Detoxification (including heavy metal detoxification).
* Strongly defend against degenerative diseases, such as diabetes.
* Quickly whiten the skin (by reducing the production of melanin).
* Remove imprints, resist aging, improve wound healing, repair damaged skin cells, and maintain existing collagen.

Ingredient of Glutax 2000000GX
-- DNA and RNA complex vitamin 250000 mg
-- Natural collagen DNA and RNA 1200mg
-- DNA and RNA 5000mg

-- Advanced recombinant DNA and RNA cells 30000mg

-- Advanced grape cells
-- High quality apple stem cells
-- Advanced Silver Fruit Cells

-- Advanced Rose Cells

-- DNA and RNA glutamate 2000000g
-- DNA and RNA ultra white elements 6000mg
-- DNA and RNA epidermal growing factor 8000mg

-- DNA and RNA helper enzyme Q10 3700mg
-- DNA and RNA PDRN Hyal (polydeoxynucleotide hyaluronic acid) 4800mg

Recommended dosage
Inject once a week for 2 months (depending on your body's metabolism) or to the desired result. Then the dose can be reduced to once every 2 weeks for maintenance.However, if you want to know information about dosage, you need a doctor's advice.



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