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Hydra needle 1.0mm

Hydra needle 1.0mm

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Hydra Needle 1.0mm


The Hydra Needle is an effective treatment against aging elements like wrinkles, fine lines and skin stretching it’s can help the skin to restore and be smooth, also this hydro roller thicken the skin, diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines can smooth the facial scars.

The magic lies within the fine needles that penetrate the skin as it is rolled across the surface. The tiny pinpricks help to stimulate collagen and elastin production which aid in plumping the skin in problem areas such as laugh line areas or forehead wrinkles.


Certification: CE / RoHS

Needle number 24 points of mciro-needle

Material Titanium / medical stainless steel with gold plating / polycarbonate / high strength silicone needle + glass bottle

Color: gold + transparent

Bottle capacity: 10ml (the roller head is generally applicable to the 5 ~ 50ml blister in the market)

Application: absorption, wetting, renewal, shrinkage pore,

AcneScar, crow's feet, Lifting64 Mciro needle tips


Using the instructions:

1. Clean your hands and the part that needs to be cured

2. Use cleansing and antibacterial gel to clean your hand and skin

3. Use hot water to throw the roller

4. You should use some skin care products before using

5. Use the other hand to tighten the skin and roll before and after on the part to be cured. Roll 8 ~ 10 times in all directions. Press enough and make sure the microneedle penetrates your skin

6. After the treatment, you should wash and dry the rolled part




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