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JBP Placenta

JBP Placenta

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For anti-aging: The older you are, the more noticeable the effects (making you have a 40-year-old body at the age of 50). LAENNEC, a Japanese product, is made from 100% human placenta extract. It has obtained approval from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare under Approval Number (49AM) No. 229 and has been issued a GMP certificate by the Japanese Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Agency. It is recognized by the Japanese National Health Insurance System. It has received high praise during its over 50 years of clinical use. The use of human placenta extract for anti-aging has become a must-have rejuvenation method for many celebrities and members of the Japanese royal family.

JBP Luxury Low Molecular Weight High Concentration Placenta Injection, produced in Japan using human placenta as the raw material, is manufactured through specific microbial processes. Japan has developed this technology over 40 years, from placenta collection to product manufacturing, with strict measures in place to prevent viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants, ensuring high safety. Compared to high molecular weight products, low molecular weight high concentration placenta injections have better penetration and are more easily absorbed, delivering results in a shorter period of time!

Luxury skincare product! JBP Luxury Placenta Injection from Japan is a low molecular weight, highly concentrated placenta extract that is easily absorbed and has no age restrictions. By injecting 4 to 5 doses, you can feel a noticeable change in your skin, making it smooth, fair, and youthful. Its anti-aging and beauty effects surpass those of Mesima and placenta extract!





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