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Mocha Wireless Hyaluron Pen 0.3ml 0.5ml

Mocha Wireless Hyaluron Pen 0.3ml 0.5ml

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Product Name MOCHA Hyaluron Pen

Anti-wrinkle, Anti-aging, Skin Lifting, Skin Rejuvenation,

Product gross weight




Injection volume

0.3ml and 0.5ml

Packing Size 320*140*80mm
Battery capacity 2000mA


Wireless Hyaluron Pen has a special piston with a spring, which provide a uniform and quick administration of drugs that are being used.
The microscopic hole, through which cocktails and biorevitalizants are injected under the skin, is twice smaller than the diameter of the needle used for injections.
While administering cosmetic substances by this wireless electric hyaluron pen  Hyaluronic Acid Pen, drugs are absorbed and distributed under the skin much better in comparison with simple injections made by a basic needle.


1.Needle Free
Many people suffer from needle phobia. Our Needle Free Technology alleviates needle phobia with needle-free injection.

2.Virtually Pain Free
Fast injection in less than 1/3 of a second, micro orifice, and the automated spring pressure make injections with 'THE SERA'
virtually painless.

3.Fast, easy, and safe
Hyaluron pen is simple to use. It can be used by patients for self-injection, or other individuals can administer injections of
the prescribed medication.

4.No Risk of Needle-stick Injuries
It eliminates needle-stick injuries as it is needle-free, thus reducing disposal costs
Eliminates Cross-contamination.

5.Nozzle and accessories are sterilized by EO Gas .
Long Life and Low Maintenance



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